Terms and Conditions

We at Zoom Out Events Ltd hire private licensed Caterers to supply food at our events. If you have any special dietary requirements or any Allergies, please inform us when placing your order. If you have any questions please contact us before placing the order. Zoom Out Events Ltd does not accept any responsibility for any issues related to the food at any of our events as the total Liablity lies with the Caterers.
Before you immerse yourself in the world of music with Zoom Out Events, please take a moment to review our Terms and Conditions. These terms govern your participation in our events, so it’s important to understand them fully. Our comprehensive Terms and Conditions cover:
  1. Ticketing and Admission Policies.
  2. Event Cancellations and Refunds.
  3. Code of Conduct and Behaviour Guidelines.
  4. Privacy and Data Usage.
  5. Intellectual Property Rights.
  6. Dispute Resolution.
For a detailed understanding of our policies, please visit our Terms and Conditions page. (T&C further)  
  1. Ticketing and Admission Policies:
    • All ticket sales are final and non-refundable, except as expressly provided in our refund policy.
    • Tickets are subject to availability and may sell out.
    • Zoom Out Events reserves the right to refuse admission or eject attendees for violation of event policies or disruptive behaviour.
  2. Event Cancellations and Refunds:
    • In the event of an event cancellation, we will provide a refund as per our refund policy.
    • Refunds, if applicable, will be issued to the original method of payment.
    • Zoom Out Events is not responsible for any additional expenses incurred by attendees due to event cancellations.
  3. Code of Conduct and Behaviour Guidelines:
    • Attendees must adhere to our code of conduct, which includes respectful behaviour towards other attendees, artists, and event staff.
    • Any form of harassment, discrimination, or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the event without a refund.
    • Attendees are expected to follow all venue rules and regulations.
  4. Privacy and Data Usage:
    • Zoom Out Events collects and processes personal data in accordance with our privacy policy. By purchasing tickets and attending our events, you consent to the collection and use of your personal data.
    • We do not sell or share your personal information with third parties for marketing purposes.
  5. Intellectual Property Rights:
    • All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights and trademarks, associated with Zoom Out Events, its website, and promotional materials are the property of Zoom Out Events.
    • Attendees may not reproduce, distribute, or use any Zoom Out Events intellectual property without prior written consent.
  6. Dispute Resolution:
    • Any disputes arising from your participation in Zoom Out Events will be resolved in accordance with our dispute resolution process outlined in our policies.
    • Attendees agree to resolve disputes through arbitration, where applicable, and waive their right to participate in class-action lawsuits.
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